Alkaline Stick


An alkaline stick is a small portable device that contains minerals and compounds such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium that are designed to raise the pH level of water, making it more alkaline. It is commonly used to enhance the quality of drinking water by increasing its alkalinity and reducing the acidity. Users typically immerse the stick in a glass or bottle of water for several minutes to allow the minerals to dissolve and release into the water, creating alkaline water. The sticks are often marketed as a convenient and affordable way to improve health and wellness, but their effectiveness and safety are not universally accepted in the scientific community.



Minerals are as crucial for substantial capacities as nutrients. They structure the design of our bodies and help our frameworks work. Minerals are components needed for the human body for a few purposes, such as arrangement of blood, bones, and teeth, significantly different tissues, osmoregulation of body liquids, and control of physic-substance measure. It’s been found that our water is not as pure as it used to be. To fulfil the necessary minerals in the water, the use of an alkaline stick is advisable by experts.


  1. Directs the pH balance for a more antacid climate for essentialness and agreement.
  2. Lessens blood lipids and brings down pulse
  3. Directs the gastrointestinal capacity
  4. Advancing human digestion and upgrade human invulnerability.
  5. A high dissolving force of the primary water ties to the poisons in our body, considering the effective waste end.
  6. Shields the liver from severe impacts of liquor and nicotine.
  7. Amazing Anti-Oxidant: ORP perusing of beneath – 200mV in around 3-5 minutes


  • Soluble water: Make the drinking water essential, kill the human body acidic substances and keep the equilibrium of the body framework. Keep a solid pH figure and shield the liver from the damage that nicotine and liquor may do.
  • Negative expected water: Normal water will be acclimated to likely harmful water with an ORP underneath 200mVin around 3-5 minutes. It is a solid enemy of oxidants that eliminates free revolutionaries, upgrades invulnerability, and holds us back from maturing.
  • Add useful microelements: Various common mineral substances are set out, which furnish the body with vital microelements and improve each organ to become solid.
  • Empowers water with little sub-atomic group structure: With solid assimilation, diffusibility, and oxygen-fondness, the stimulated water bringing supplement and more oxygen is handily ingested into the body cells, and effectively takes the waste and poisons from our body cells. It significantly improves digestion.

Final Words:
Now you can buy alkaline stick online in India at a nominal price. It’s scientifically safe to use.



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