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About Our Company

We at AyuAstroYoga Serving Humanity by Ayurved, Astrology, and Yoga since Five Generation, Now in the fifth generation, Mr. Srikaant Narsingh, Who is an expert of all three Dimension Ayurved, Astrology, Yoga, Founded AyuastroYoga to extend the reach of product and services in the Whole world. By blending traditional knowledge with modern technology his vision is to help people live healthier Life.

You Have to take care of Just Two aspects in your entire life, First Your KARMA and second Your body Because Your Body will take care of your life till the end and KARMA Will Take Care of Your Soul even after the end.- Shreekant Narsingh (BaBaSri)

Our Services

Medical Astrology Consultation
Medical Astrology Consultation is a service whereby you can consult for your current and upcoming health issues with the help of ancient astrology. You can get in touch with us by our wellness center visit/video call/phone call.
Yoga Consultation
A Yoga Therapy Consultation is different to your regular Yoga class as it will be an individualized approach to suit your needs, abilities and take into account your current lifestyle. Online Yoga classes also available.
Ayurvedic neuropathicconsulation
Ayurvedic Consultation
Start an online ayurvedic consultation with our best Ayurvedic doctors regarding any of your diseases! Online video, Phone consultation also available.
Astrology Consultation for Designers Baby
We provide astrology consultation right from conceiving issue to birth date selection for baby with the help of ancient Indian astrology. Bhagwan Shree Ram was the first designer baby. You can get video and phone call consultation as well.
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Astrology Consultation for Corporates
Selection of favorable area, right decision at right time, selection of right employee, resources are the keys of successful business. You already have that zeal, patience and intelligence, which is required. We just show you the path where you can utilize your qualities with less hurdle .You can have Video/Phone consultation/ Visit to our center.
Allopathy Consultation in Shelter of Ayuveda
You can get allopathy consultation from our experts MBBS, MD who will treat you by allopathy but, will guide you to follow ayurvedic philosophy for healthier and disease free life. You can get phone call / online video call consultation or you can visit us at our wellness center.
Homeopathy Consultation
Homeopathy is another natural way to get rid of diseases by small doses of plant and herbs extract. Right diagnosis is the master key of homeopathy. Our homeopathy doctor will provide you treatment by his experience. You can book online video and phone call consultation as well.
AyuAstroYoga Consultation Health Report / स्वास्थ्य पत्रिका
In ayuastroyoga consultation we try to find out your current and upcoming health issues by the 23 points of astrology, guide you to ayurvedic life style and tell you the exact yoga asana and pranayama which are selected to fulfill your individual health requirement. You can get consultation through phone call and video call or you can visit our wellness center also.
Check Your Body Type as per AyuAstroYoga
Once you know your body type as per Ayurveda you can get rid of many health issues by just selecting the right food and avoiding to wrong food. We check your body type as per Ayurveda with the help of astrology. You can book online video and phone call consultation as well.

Our Expertise


In the traditional Hindu system of lifestyle (incorporated in Atharva Veda, the last of the four Vedas), which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet and herbal treatment.


The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.


Yoga is the discipline of the mind, senses and the physical body. Yoga helps in the coordination and control of the subtle forces within the body. Yoga brings in Perfection, Peace and everlasting Happiness.

The AAY Report Process


We discover about your health issues with the help of ASTROLOGY.


We start thorough analysis about your body with the help of AYURVEDA.We build your diet plan in this stage.


With YOGA,we help you to pose and be aware of your breaths.



After analysis,We build a AAY Health report specially desgined for you and illuminate your path to live a healthy lifestyle.

What Our Customers Said


"A unique feeling of tranquility.A report where the Mind calms and adjusts. Thanks to the miracle of Ayurvedic treatments combined with wonderful caring staff excellent support (the best I had in India) and a beautiful environment."


“When I first used AAY Report, it took us under five minutes to come to grips with the report and its explanation. I applaud for the great job they have done crafting this intuitive and innovative piece of report. Truly a shake-up in the Ayurveda game.”


“The team at AYUASTROYOA proved themselves invaluable. Their collaborative process and mentoring mentality have not only created a solid foundation for my body, but also established a high standard that i will now hold ourselves to.”