Ayurvedic Consultation

The eightfold exam is a thorough process in which the consultant really gets to know you. It consists of examining eight areas of the body and bodily functions, all of which reveal places of balance and imbalance.

Your journey in Ayurveda begins with an initial consultation where the root cause of your ill health/ diseases/ imbalances will be found out. Initial consultation involves detailed questionnaire, physical examination, tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, etc. It provides you clarity with what is happening in your body and how we or you can improve it naturally. After understanding your body type, the imbalance of doshas and tissues will be assessed.

In our Ayurvedic consultations, some of these components are adjusted to work within a virtual session; however, much remains the same. Although the pulse won’t be taken, for example, you may find yourself sticking out your tongue or putting your nails up to your camera! The cornerstone to a thorough consultation is always in the questioning, gathering a complete picture of your diet and lifestyle.

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Ayuastroyoga doctors are specially trained on principal of Ayurvedic diagnosis Darshan, Prashn & sparsh.

We ensure that you get the highest and most personalised treatment experience.Ayuastroyoga focuses on continually empowering doctors with the latest knowledge in Ayurveda treatment. Our Ayurveda consultation fee is 500Rs. Medicine charges is not included in it. You need to pay extra charges for medicine.

You can get consultation through phone call and video call or you can visit our wellness center also.

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