Vedic Dhoop Small Pack



Benefits of Vedic Dhoop –

  • Help to balance Your Yogic Chakras
  • Kills Virus and bacteria
  • Removes every kind of Negative energy
  • Keeps Atmosphere holy and Mind Fresh
  • Keeps Flies, Mosquitoes Away
  • Nakshatra/ Grah Shanti havan Benefits


Utilizing ordinary Dhoop is better for the soundness of our body, brain, and soul. Dhoop incense upgrades fixation and centre at the time we are perusing or performing contemplation forestalls contaminations, alleviates cerebral pains, battles despondency, and decreases uneasiness and pressure.

It will guarantee the expulsion of microorganisms and vermin from the house which are the principal purpose behind terrible wellbeing. Did you realize Guggal is identified with ruler ‘Shiva’ and ghee is identified with ‘Shakti’, and together they become Shiva-Shakti and has the ability to eliminate pessimism from your home and office?

Additionally, it is amazing and can push off the stink eye. On the off chance that you believe that your home or any of the individuals is the objective of hostile stare consume this Dhoop morning and night after Pooja and spread the smoke in each side of the house. You will see the impact right away.

Additional information

Weight .015 kg
Dimensions 8 × 13 cm


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